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We run seminars and workshops with training experts using the original Social Style Model from Merrill and Reid, the developers of Social Styles. You can also run your own Social Styles workshops using our programs and materials to bring Social Styles to your organization. We conduct onsite seminars, social styles and versatility coaching, and create custom programs. Considering D.I.S.C or MBTI? Download Comparing Leading Style Tools highlighting differences of the top three style training programs.

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Social Styles Public Workshops

Cincinnati, Ohio - December, 2018
Naples, Florida - November 19-20, 2018

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Professional Learning Systems located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an authorized reseller of the TRACOM, the original creator of Social Styles. We conduct custom workshops around the globe using highly seasoned facilitators. Most of our clients are in Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville.

Call us to discover the value we can bring to your organization based on our years of experience with Social Styles.

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