Social Style Sales Training

social style sellingWe've found that Social Style training can dramatically increase sales results. Research proves that salespeople with high versatility sell more. Using control and experimental groups, Social Style trained groups outsold the control groups by an average of 26% during the three month period after training. Here are some comments from recent participants:

"This program was a real eye opener. I wish I had this program when I first started selling. It would have help me to eliminate all the mistakes I've made with customers in the past ten years."

"I had no idea how I came across to different buyers. I never adapted to my customers. The profile helped me to really understand myself and to work with others with different styles."

"After selling skills, this program is a must for any salesperson. I should dramatically increase my sale."

Social Style Sales Training Seminar

This workshop is typically a two day session. On the first day of training, participants learn about Social Style and buyer behavior. The second day is used to apply the concepts to the salesperson's selling process. As a result of attending this sales training seminar, salespeople will :

Whether you use Professional Selling Skills, Counselor Selling, Face-to-Face, Solution Selling or any other selling skills program, we'll make sure that Social Style Sales Training is compatible with your selling system to reinforce those skills.

We typically use Tracom's Selling to Achieve Results(STAR) or Producing Results with Others(PRO). On the first day, participants gain fundamental knowledge about SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. We talk about sales and the buying process throughout the day. On the second day, salespeople adapt their social style to the buying needs and preferences of their customers. Both days are intensive sessions with plenty of practice and role plays. This day will customized to fit your sales process and existing sales training.

Your Facilitator

Rob VeVerka will conduct your session. Not only is he an experienced and certified Social Style facilitator, but also a professional sales trainer. He spent his early career at Xerox training salespeople and managers. He was also rookie of the year in his first year of selling. He's worked with many organizations around the world and has his MBA in marketing.

For more information - call Rob at 513-772-5115 or contact us.

Download Sample SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility for Selling Profile

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Download Paper Self-Perception Questionnaires & Sales Concepts Guide Information Sheet

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Why Professional Learning Systems?

  • One of the key differentiators of Professional Learning Systems is that we talk about follow-up and coaching at the onset of our business relationship. This help you to get a better ROI from your investment.

  • We customize all of our training around your markets, customers, and products. Custom Training helps participants quickly apply the knowledge and skills.

  • Our instructors are certified by Tracom.  They have significant business experience and have outstanding reputations as facilitators. You will get a quality and highly-rated outcome.

  • You work with the same person from the initial discussions, at the seminar, and after the program. You are not passed off to someone else to take you to the next step.

  • We provide our clients value-added services such as customization, executive and versatility coaching, and follow-up sessions often for no extra charge.

For more information - call 513-772-5115 or contact us. Download the PRO brochure.

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