Social Styles Versatility Reinforcement Workshop


Over 85% of Training Disappears after 60 Days

You have made an investment in your training not only in dollars but time as well. Research has shown that over 85% of training is lost after 60 days unless you follow-up and reinforce the initial training, Coaching also helps, but this Versatility workshop takes participants to the next level. After attending an initial workshop, many participants face the challenge of increasing their Versatility to become more effective. Our research shows that about half of the participants have "W" or "X" Versatility. That means they are more concerned about reducing their own tension instead of others. Research also shows that those with high Versatility ("Y" and "Z") are more productive, have better relationships, and bottom line are more successful. For example, those salespeople with high Versatility consistently outsell others.

Versatility is the most important measure of Tracom's Social Style. It separates Tracom's Social Style from all the other programs on the market. The Social Style Versatility Reinforcement Workshop takes the participant to the next level of Versatility. The workshop is based on the content from an expanded Versatility Report. It creates an opportunity to quickly enhance the participant's Versatility and interpersonal skills, and enhance their versatility score.   Many of our clients use this program as a follow-up to Producing Results with Others.

The Social Styles Versatility Reinforcement Workshop offers a simple way to increase interpersonal effectiveness for those who have participated in a multi-rater SOCIAL STYLE training course within the last three years. This includes participants trained with TRACOM, Wilson Learning, or other social style programs. The workshop and/or assessment is ideally conducted 2 to 4 months after initial multi-rater SOCIAL STYLES training.

social-style-versatilityThe process uses an enhanced multi-rater Social Style Versatility assessment. The Managerial Multi-Rater 360 Social Style & Enhanced Versatility profile provides the most comprehensive picture of a manager's SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. It uses an online, multi-rater questionnaire and provides the most detailed report available including information on Versatility - the measure of support that others give an individual. The report includes an in-depth information on the four components of versatility - Image, Presentation, Competence, and Feedback. The report is scored against managerial norms.

The Social Style VersatilityWorkshop can be customized to fit a half to one day format.



Here's a sample half day workshop:





10 min



Dimensions of Behavior; SOCIAL STYLE MODELTM; Tension Management

15 min


Class Discussion

Identify cultural environment (micro/macro cultures; challenges; behaviors that are valued; behaviors that are not)

40 min


Versatility Review

Sources of Endorsement; Steps for Earning Endorsement

15 min



15 min


Class Discussion

Identify personal challenges participants have faced in increasing endorsement; tie back into cultural environment identified in #3

45 min


Panel Interview

Exercise conducted in Style groups. Focus on challenges to earning endorsement; cultural impact; challenges with other Styles

60 min



Review expectations (optional)

10 min

How It Works

Before the workshop, the participant completes a short online survey that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. They identify up to ten other individuals (raters), to assess their Versatility. Once the raters and participant complete the questionnaire, a custom 40-page Enhanced Versatility Report is generated and sent electronically to the participant, or distributed at a workshop.

social style versatilitySocial Style Versatility report includes:

Download a free sample of the Versatility Report

The Social Style Versatility Report and Improvement Guide reinforces the key concepts of Social Styles and Versatility. Together with a social style review, it provides a half or full day reinforcement of Social Styles. TRACOM developed this unique tool as a direct response to client requests for a way to reinforce SOCIAL STYLE. It also helps the participants re-focus their efforts to improve their versatility.


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Why Professional Learning Systems?

  • One of the key differences of Professional Learning Systems is that we talk about follow-up and coaching at the onset of our business relationship. This help you to get a better ROI from your investment.

  • We customize all of our training around your markets, customers, and products. Custom Training helps participants quickly apply the knowledge and skills.

  • Our instructors are certified by Tracom.  They have significant business experience and have outstanding reputations as facilitators. You will get a quality and highly-rated outcome.

  • You work with the same person from the initial discussions, at the seminar, and after the program. You are not passed off to someone else to take you to the next step.

  • We provide our clients value-added services such as customization, executive and versatility coaching, and follow-up sessions often for no extra charge.

Professional Learning Systems, LLC is an authorized and certified associate of Tracom. Social Style, Producing Results with Others are service marks of the TRACOM corporation.