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Social Style GridProducing Results with Others (PRO) is our flagship Social Styles program. Social Styles was originally developed over fifty years ago by by Dr. David Merrill and Roger Reid. It is described in their book, Personal Styles & Effective Performance. They also developed the first Social Style seminar. The Social Style Model from Tracom is the most rigorously tested and practical approach for identifying and building interpersonal skills with a proven record of success. There are many imitations of the model over the years, but the reliability and validity of the instrument is key. Some initiations of the model do not stress the most important feature of the Model - Versatility. This is where PRO stands above all of its imitators in the market.

The Social Style Seminar is offered in several formats including a half-day, one or two day program. There are also OnDemand versions that allow the participant to learn the content online and then apply the concepts in a live or virtual workshop.

What is the program all about?

Social Style SeminarPeople are supposed to work well together. Companies are supposed to be teams. Salespeople are supposed to relate to their customers. However, that doesn't always happen. It's not that people don't want to work together effectively, it's simply that they don't know how they come across to others, and how their style affects the relationship.

Social Style® helps people recognize how their actions and behaviors come across to others, and how to adapt their behaviors to be more versatile or flexible. Participant's learn how to create more effective actions and learn communication skills to build better working relationships.

Producing Results with Others is Ideal for:

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Before the workshop, participants complete a confidential on-line Social Style Assessment that measures their assertiveness, responsiveness and versatility. After their own self-assessment, a similar assessment is sent to 5-10 colleagues to provide feedback about the participant’s style. There is a sales version, a professional version, and a managerial version of this instrument. It’s also available in over 20 languages. This 360 view helps the participant see how their self-assessment compares to the other’s perspective. It provides a reality check to confirm the participant’s own self-perception. Participants receive their own workbook as well as a Social Style Profile report. Before the session, participants will have five of their colleagues confidentially assess their perceptions of the participant online. This information is sent to us for processing and a confidential report is provided to the participant in the workshop.


Day One

The first day concentrates on learning the Social Style Model. The model measures Assertiveness, Responsiveness, and Versatility. Assertiveness is how one sees themselves in either asking or telling behaviors when interacting with others. Responsiveness is how one sees themselves tending to control (keep feelings inside) or emote (outward display of emotions) with others. By combining an individual's assertive and responsive behaviors, a person is charted in one of four quadrants, or SOCIAL STYLE positions - Amiable, Analytical, Driver, or Expressive. Building familiarity and comfort with the behaviors and the strengths and weakness of each Style helps people to work together more effectively. Another component of the Social Style Model is versatility; a measurement of a person's effectiveness and flexibility to work productively with others.

The research is very clear. People who consistently exhibit a high level of versatility succeed more often than those with low levels. For example, sales people with high versatility clearly outsell and are more productive than others. The workshop and feedback report helps the participant understand how increased versatility can help them increase their effectiveness and productivity. Versatility stems from a person's ability to focus on the others' needs in an interpersonal relationship. While a person's SOCIAL STYLE does not usually change, versatility is much more within a person's control to change. Our training sessions help motive individuals to increase their versatility. In our opinion, versatility is one of most crucial measurements of the program, since most people are clueless about how they are accepted and perceived by others.

The good news is that people can easily adapt to other styles, and as a result, improve their versatility. PRO helps people to understand their own style and other's styles as well. PRO helps anyone to truly understand how they can affect the performance and get cooperation from others, sometimes with just minor changes. The program is a eye-opener for most, since it helps participants discover how small can dramatically improve the way the way they relate to others.


Day Two

The second day helps participants apply the concepts to their own situations. Participants learn using a variety of learning experiences including, video, case studies, discussion, role-play, and an application to their own situation. PRO is presented by certified instructors. Classes typically have nine to twelve participants.  The Social Styles Seminar's goal is to help the individual gain comfort with their new knowledge. They will be able to immediately apply the concepts after the program. This is a critical step in the learning process. Without practice, application, and feedback, the chances of adoption after the program quickly diminishes. We usually customize the discussions, exercises, and role plays to our client’s products, situations and customers.

Option: Save classroom time/expense with the OnDemand+ Learning


Producing Results with Others OnDemand+ is a self-paced online program that teaches Social Style concepts. It consists of a 2-3 hour interactive course that uses video, cases studies, and quiz. This is followed by a live or virtual half to one day instructor lead workshop to apply the learned content. Here's the format:

  1. Participants take an online self-assessment online to determine their perceived Style and Versatility.. Then they select 5-10 colleagues to complete a similar assessments about their observed behaviors.
  2. They complete the interactive 2-3 hour session to learn the Social Style Model. Narrators guide them through content, exercises and video vignettes.
  3. Participants get their Social Style Profile at a one day live/virtual program, or get one-on-one coaching to help them to apply the principles. The session includes a review of concepts, discussion, application, and interactive exercises. This reinforcement session is designed as a Social Style review and to provide participants with practical applications for Social Style.

Watch a video demo of Social Style OnDemand+

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Why Professional Learning Systems?


Social Style SeminarFollow-Up Tools Make Training Stick

Now included in our workshops is a new online reinforcement tool called the Social Style Navigator. This free tool for helps participants quickly profile customers, colleagues, and others. Watch the video to see how this tool can help participants after the program.

We also recommend a follow-up within six months of implementing this Social Styles Workshop. One popular option is the Social Style Reinforcement Workshop, which focuses on enhancing Versatility even further.


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