Introduction to Social Styles

Social StylesIntroduction to Social Styles teaches the concepts of the Social Styles Model. It uses the Social Style Assessment Self-Perception Instrument, to help participants learn their behavioral style. It also assesses the participant's Versatility. This program covers all the basics of social style, but has fewer opportunities for hand-on exercises and practice that you would normally get in a one or two day program. The program is a half-day workshop.


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You can easily teach the Social Styles Model. We've made it simple for you.

Introduction to Social Styles - Starter Package

The starter package includes:

The cost is $1495 for the self-scoring version, or $1695 for the online version.

Introduction to Social Style Starter Package

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Social StyleIntroduction to Social Style – OnDemand

Too busy to attend a seminar?  Want to get an overview of Social Style?  Take this 2-3 hour course online and learn your social style with this online version of Introduction to Social Style.  This highly interactive course will help you to learn the Social Style Model.  Course includes videos, case studies and examples of how you can increase your personal effectiveness with others.  You will also take the self-assessment to determine your style.  You will also get a versatility rating to see how well you use your style with others. After the program, participants get access to Social Style Navigator an online tool for reinforcement and follow-up.

If you want to learn about Social Style, there's no better bargain out there for $75. You get:



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