Social Styles Assessment

The Social Styles Assessment self-perception profile is an inexpensive, easy to understand tool for running a 2-4 hour workshop on Social Styles. This 32-question, self-administered and self-scoring test takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The answers provide a snapshot of the way the participants view their own behavioral style.

The Social Styles Assessment -

Social Styles Assessment can be used for a short introduction to Social Styles Model.  The Social Styles Assessment administration package provides relevant Social Style background, information about the profile and includes course content for a two-hour or four-hour training session.


Choose either Paper (self scoring) or Online 

Social Style Self-Perception Assessment is $49 for each participant. (Paper/pencil) The package includes the instrument and interpretation guide. Minimum order quantity is 10, and sold in sets of ten. ($490)* For different quantities call us and we can invoice you. Discounts are available. Download a sample report.

Online Social Style Self-Perception with 30 page downloadable report.  Includes set-up, group monitoring, and options for report delivery. $55 per participant. Minimum order quantity is 20, and sold in sets of ten. ($1100)* For different quantities call us and we can invoice you. Discounts are available. Download sample report.




Social Style Assessment Starter Package

The Social Style Starter Package gives you the materials and resources to create a 2-4 hour program that covers the basics of Social Style. Your starter package includes everything you need to run your session including 10 self-perception questionnaires (either Online or Paper), a Leader's Kit, and Survey Administration with Online version, and one-hour consultation.

Leader's Kit includes: Facilitator Guide • Improving Personal Effectiveness with Versatility Applications Guide and Concepts Guide • Paper SOCIAL STYLE Questionnaire • Paper Versatility Questionnaire • Resource Tools with Power Point Presentation, Session Handouts, Participant Certificate Template, Marketing Tools and Supporting Research • Style Dial • Accepts/Rejects Guide Card • Skills Guide Card • SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook  

To help you get you ready for your session, will will schedule a one-hour consultation to answer all your questions, and insure that you are completely comfortable to run your workshop. A Tracom-certified Social Style instructor will guide you through the process.

The Online Starter Package is $1299 and the Paper Starter package is $1099.

Both include:

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Social Style Self Perception Starter Package


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