Social Styles Workshop - One Day

Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences teaches Social Style in a one day workshop. It's similar in design to Producing Results with Others, but it's streamlined to produce maximum results for a one-day delivery. Participant learn the Social Style Model and get the full 360 multi-rater assessment.

social stylesDownload an overview of Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences one-day Social Styles Workshop.

Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences


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Social Syles One Day Workshop


social style workshopUnderstanding and Managing Behavioral Differences is TRACOM’s one-day course that explores our popular and proven models of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility, emphasizing improved interpersonal skills and workplace interactions. Through a series of exercises, videos, and facilitated discussions, participants discover how to create workplace productivity and morale. Participants learn to identify each of the four SOCIAL STYLEs, their strength's and weaknesses and learn how to adapt to other styles unlike their own. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will pinpoint areas of tension and understand the reason for backup behavior. Your staff will also learn about the Versatility dimension and identify the steps to take to increase their Versatility to build relationships.


Participants learn to:



SocialStyle WorkshopFollow-Up Tools Make Training Stick

Now included in our workshops is a new online reinforcement tool called the Social Style Navigator. This free tool for helps participants quickly profile customers, colleagues, and others. Watch this video to see how this tool can help participants after the program.

We also recommend a follow-up within six months of implementing this Social Styles Workshop. One popular option is the Social Style Reinforcement Workshop, which focuses on enhancing Versatility even further.


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Why Professional Learning Systems?

  • One key differences of Professional Learning Systems is that we talk about follow-up and coaching at the onset of our business relationship. This help you to get a better ROI from your investment.

  • We customize all of our training around your markets, customers, and products. Custom Training helps participants quickly apply the knowledge and skills.

  • Our instructors are trained and certified by Tracom.  They have significant business experience and have outstanding reputations as facilitators. You will get a quality and highly-rated outcome.

  • You work with the same person from the initial discussions at the seminar, and after the program. You are not passed off to someone else to take you to the next step.

  • We provide our clients value-added services such as customization, executive and versatility coaching, follow-up sessions, often for no extra charge.

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